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We offer a variety of facial services to our guests base on their skin. With our facials we decided us only use organic products that is light and easy on your skin. Farm House Fresh is from a organic farm in Texas where the products are made. When you are receiving your refreshing facial with these products you will feel amazing and the smells will have you wanting to eat them. We grantee you will want to purchase this products to continue your skincare routine in which we will educate you on what to use at home. Skincare is the most important thing you can do for your self. We recommend all ages to get facials. Are you ready to feel amazing yet?

Facials Services

That'zit Teen Facial    |$50
It's time for a delicious skin-refresher! This deep pore-cleaning facial and body treatment begins with a steamed whole milk towelette and gentle shea butter sugar cleansing. Prepare for a nourishing organic pumpkin puree and active yogurt culture mask that digs deep once painted on, and flushes the face with tingles and prickles, but leaves you with a more even-toned fresh faced look. Enjoy a cooling finish with a milk infused cool mist towel.
Radiant Express Steaming Power Facial    |$75
Get aboard the radiant express - it's a 20 minute, steam-powered revival for pale, sallow skin. This full-on oxygenating, skin-tightening, circulation heightening steam towel facial begins with a minty-fresh and creamy green tea cleanser. Then, a gentle antioxidant-rich aronia fruit and rose water tonic adds a refreshing twist. A whipped shea butter a mirco sugar polish nourishes as it works. Next, a steaming hot towel sets in a special desert cactus gel for a hot kick that stimulates as it tones, before little sweet agave nectar oil application for a dewy, youthful complexion. You're clear for a radiant arrival.
Soothing Greens Facial    |$90
Complexion finds its balance in a gentle, coconut milk cleanse to begin. If pesky pores have you down, an aronia berry tonic takes care of their appearance and replenishes with waves of antioxidants too! Next, a shea sugar scrub whisks away every rough, dry patch that has overstayed its welcome, followed by a soothing avocado oil, butter and extract mask. Then, a matcha serum treats any redness followed by a luxe, sea-berry oil moisturizer that plumps with hyaluronic acid! End with an ageless eye serum - infused with organic got kola to alleviate the appearance of fine lines and pesky crow's feet. 
Green Tea & Sea-berry Facial     | $100
Clogged pores, who? This facial begins with a pillowy-soft cleanser, infused with sea-berry extract to not only rid skin of bacteria, but replenish with bounce and moisture! Complexion is then treated to an antioxidant-packed tonic, followed by a unique buffing that features 5 plantfoliants all working together to resurface and renew. Newly softened skin is then painted in a vitamin C-rich chamomile blend - take a few deep breaths as this mask works its magic - refreshing citrus notes will envelop your senses! We wind down by treating complexion to a calming organic matcha serum followed by a feathery, organic green tea moisturizer. Not to be forgotten, eyes are beautified with an age-defending eye serum. 
Thirst Quencher Hyaluronic Booster Facial     | $125
Skin so supple and so bouncy - you'll think this facial is magic! We begin with a gentle, pH-balanced cleanser that refreshes complexion with green tea extract and skin-loving antioxidants. Next, a much needed spritz of antioxidants comes in the form of aronia berry tonic! Pesky pores? Say no more! This refreshing blend takes care of their appearance too! For our next trick, complexion is then renewed with a natural plant-based exfoliator that sensitive type will love. A banana pulp, peel and extract mask then alleviates the appearance of fine lines and tightens. Once firmed, a supple matcha serum soothes away any irritations. The grand finale features a peptide-rich eye serum and a velvety-whipped moisturizer, infused with vitamins C & E. Voila gorgeous glow skin is now yours! 
Matcha Purification Facial    |$135
Locate your nearest matcha latte - you'll be craving one after this facial! We begin with a dreamy, milky cleanse infused with sea-berry extract to rid complexion of core plogging oils. With a fresh slate, skin can fully absorb the clarifying properties found in a cucumber water tonic. Next, a red Arizona clay mask works its magic by clearing away excess bacteria and oils. An organic match green tea mask is then painted on to instantly soothe and rapidly relieve redness before a potent, antioxidant-packed serum adds another round of calm. The grand finale is a pillowy-soft, hyaluronic acid moisturizer and an eye-perfecting serum that banishes the appearance of crow's feet!
Matcha Fruit Smoothie Facial    | $145

Fruit for the face? Simply a glow that no substitution can replace! Begin with a vitamin C and glycolic acid blend greeting skin in the form of a plant-based cleanser - excess oils, dirt and bacteria go POOF! Skin is treated to an uber-hydrating spritz of a citrus tonic, followed by a skin-brightening fruit acid mask - no lackluster skin around here! This mask may have tingled, so we calm with a peat mud & organic matcha green tea blend to soothe. This facial winds down with an organic matcha serum to seal in your newfound glow, followed by a whipped-up organic green tea moisturizer and a lovely peptide-rich eye serum. 

Hydra Facial Glow     |$150
Back Facial    | $75

Back muscles will say, "ahhhh" as you unwind in this add-on bubble masking treatment created to deliver relief and exfoliation to skin. A few drops of warm water are applied onto back and shoulders before a sanded ground mud mask is massaged into skin. Medium-grain powdered volcanic pumice polishes skin smooth, while Red Arizona Montmorillonite Clay absorbs bacteria toxins. Newly smoothed, you're now treated to a smoothing bubble mask made with sodium PCA to help boost skin's moisture content and prevent moisture. 

Hydro Jelly Mask
Enzyme Peel
LED Light Therapy
Scalp Treatment
Oxygen Treatment

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Waxing Services

Full Face 
Under Arm 
Half Arm 
Full Arm 
Half Leg 
Full Leg 
Full Back 

| $18
| $10+
| $50+
| $30+
| $35+
| $55+
| $45+
| $65+
| $60+
| $50+
| $35+

No More Hair!

Are you tired of unwanted hair? Waxing naturally involves an exfoliation process which removes dead and dry skin cells form the top skin layers, resulting in smoother and a more even skin texture. Hair is removed from the root which means it will take much longer to make a noticeable appearance again compared to shaving which comes right back the next day. After waxing the hair will grow back finer, weaker, more sparse and less stubbly. Making it much easier to maintain. Professional waxing products usually do not contain ingredients that cause irritations or allergic reactions. Whereas hair removal creams and shaving gels often do. Waxing done right should result in no or very little pain and redness. 
Shaving often leads to nicks and cuts which can be painful and super annoying. With waxing, your skin is much less prone to ingrown hairs or damage to your skin discoloration. 

All services are provided by our highly qualified licensed professionals and are designed and customized to meet the needs of each individual instead of catering to the masses. We look forward to working with you!

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