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Nail Care Experience

Our gel manicure services are best for natural healthy nails that just need to be pampered.
With our rejuvenation gel manicure is the most relaxing nail service you could get! Using farmhouse fresh organic exfoliate, hydrating mask and hot oil will have your skin glowing!
Image by Chelson Tamares

Rejuvenation Gel Manicure    $80
 An exfoliation, then you'll be painted with a mask that warms, tingles and oxygenates your skin - bringing a healthy glow, sultry, a relaxing massage completes your scrumptious treatment. 

Gel Manicure    $50

Paraffin Wax Added to any nail services   $25
This treatment helps to hydrate and soften the hands. Paraffin wax helps to lock in moisture, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth. 


We offer soft gel nail enhancements for those who nails are not strong or would like length. Do you like a natural look but with length? A certified professional using an e-file to gently exfoliate your skin and prep the nail while maintaining the integrity of your natural nail plate. This service is for us to help protect your natural nail from braking. Enhancements are to be rebalanced every 2 week along with every 3 months removing and applying a fresh set. 

Gel X Extensions $ 90+

Gel X tips is a revolutionary nail service designed to give you a beautiful, long lasting manicure. Gel X is a soft gel that is applied to your natural nails. The tips are applied to your natural nails with a special gel, giving you a more durable manicure. The tips also help to protect your natural nails, resulting in healthier nails and less breakage. With Gel X Extensions, you can enjoy a stunning manicure for up to 3 weeks. 

Gel  Structure Manicure $80+

A gel structure manicure is the perfect way to give your nails a glamorous, long-lasting finish. Unlike traditional gel manicure, gel structure manicure is used with a soft gel over your natural nails. This type of manicure is also more durable than just a gel manicure, and can last up to two-three weeks depending on your nail growth. Gel structure manicure is great for those who want to have stronger and longer natural nails. 

Foot Care Experience

Welcome to the world of waterless pedicures!

Are you looking for a pedicure that is both luxurious and eco-friendly? Look no further than waterless pedicures! Waterless pedicures are a great way to give your feet the pampering they deserve, without the excess water usage of traditional pedicures. Waterless pedicures are just as luxurious. Your feet will be exfoliated, soothed, and moisturized with specially-formulated products. Not only will your feet be left feeling soft and refreshed, but you'll be helping to reduce water consumption! At our spa, we offer a variety of pedicure services, basic to luxurious. Our technicians are highly trained and use top of the line organic products, so you can rest assured that your feet are in the best of hands. We understand that the health and safety of our clients is our top priority. That's why all of our waterless pedicure products are carefully chosen to be free of harsh chemicals and toxins. We invite you to come experience the world of waterless pedicures for yourself.

We look forward to papering your feet soon!
Foot Massage

1st Time Pedicure at Illusion Day Spa $120

This pedicure will include an extensive cuticle care cleaning around and under the toenails. Includes gel polish. Then an exfoliating scrub will be applied to your legs and feet. Then a callus reduction. After callus are smoothed then a hydrating mask is applied wrapped with hot towels. Ending with a relaxing massage. 

This service is 70 mins, at the end of this service you will get the recommendations on the products that is best for your skin to use for home care. 

Wellness    $80
This service is our basic pedicure that includes cuticle care, gel polish, an organic sugar exfoliation, callus treatment and lotion applied. 
Refresh    $90
This service is a relaxing pedicure that includes a cuticle care, gel polish, organic exfoliation, callus reduction, hot steam, hydrating mask. Last a relaxing massage will have you feeling renewed and hydrated. 
Rejuvenation    $115
Are you in need of a relaxation? This service is for you! 
With this foot care service includes cuticle care, organic fine sugar exfoliation, hot steam, hydrating avocado butter mask, a drizzle of warm honey serum applied to your heels to help soften your feet for days. A relaxing massage using hot oil that will have you glowing!  Our most popular pedicure!

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