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Massage Services


We believe that guests need to relax and escape by using our Farm House Fresh products in which we use with our massages. This products are organic base with amazing effects to help you relax and enjoy! 

Very Velvet Massage     | 50mins $90
We get it. May we suggest a pampering session with this soothing shea butter massage with notes of cinnamon and cream? With each effleurage stroke muscle tension is eased with a blend of agave nectar oil, cocoa butter and nourishing aloe.
Pour On The Relaxation     | 50mins  $110
Longing for a trip to the vineyard? Then this massage is much Kneaded! Tired muscles are revived when a blackcurrant extract oil and resveratrol-infused serum come together to hydrate, slow signs of aging, and replenish with skin-loving vitamins.
Merlot Massage    |  50 mins   $120
Drift away as we treat your skin to a super serum made with resveratrol from winery grapes, healing organic got kola extract, and green tea's full of abundant antioxidants. Following this antioxidant infusion, you'll relax into a blushing agave oil full body massage with organic sunflower seed oil and blue agave leaf extract. This is a trip you'll want to take again and again.
Juniper Ale Invigorating Massage        | 80 mins  $140
The massage you've been dreaming about oil season long is here. Parched skin and tired muscles are greeted with a coconut oil & vitamin E infused wrap. Feeling softer and lighter already? Then, a juniper ale body oil scented with delicate notes of fresh greens and bergamot oranges glides over muscles for deep hydration.
Vanilla Bourbon Marshmallow Massage      | 80 mins $160
Inhale and now exhale deeply. This body massage eases muscle tension with a vanilla bourbon body oil sweeping over parched skin on legs, arms and shoulder. We seal in this newfound softness with a shea and cocoa butter body balm scented with light notes tonka bean and sandalwood. 
Rainbow Maker CBD Warming Massage       | 80 mins  $180
Enjoy a warming massage that nourishes skin and brings luminosity with mineral highlights. We begin by gently wrapping hands and feet in a steaming towel compress - infused with nourishing coconut oil and vitamin E to prep skin. Next, you'll enjoy a blissful cloud 9 head-to-toe as the botanical oils fights free radicals and helps skin maintain its moisture through lycopene-rich watermelon extract & antioxidant oils. Packed chock-full of Hi-Bio fast absorbing, full spectrum hemp oil with cannabinoids, this massage in unlike anything else you've experienced!

All services are provided by our highly qualified licensed professionals and are designed and customized to meet the needs of each individual instead of catering to the masses. We look forward to working with you!

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